Mass Effect 3 “ending” (Spoilers abound!)

Without getting in to a long, Conspiracy Theory – esque ranty post, I think that the “ending”, starting right after Shepard gets hit with the Reaper’s beam, is a dream sequence/battle-in-the-center-of-the-mind in which represents Shepard focusing his willpower to get the hell back up and finish the fight, or possibly fighting through Reaper indoctrination (that’s the popular theory).

As much as I love Bioware, and I do, they sometimes have writing that doesn’t make any damn sense, but this ending has so many WTF elements it’s hard to ignore.

1) It appears that when Shepard wakes up after being hit by the beam, the armor that he’s wearing, although obviously heavily damaged, doesn’t necessarily correlate to what armor you had equipped.  Bioware would not have missed this detail.  

2) Where is Shepard’s team after he wakes up?  It seems DISTINCTLY odd that they would be nowhere, especially since there are dead marines around.

3) Shepard’s pistol has unlimited ammo.  Dramatic effect? Maybe.  But it’s another thing that points towards dream logic — things that should be true are not.  That or Bioware forgot this sequence was in ME3 and not ME1.

4) How did Anderson get into the control room, completely unscathed?  It just doesn’t make sense he not only “followed Shepard up” (when he was nowhere in evidence when Shepard regained consciousness) but didn’t have a scratch on him.  Of course, the biggest badass of the series is undoubtedly Anderson; he was making Shepard look like a total n00b during the intro sequence… but still.  Aside from THAT, there was exactly one entrance to the control room, and he was there.  

5) The Catalyst.  It’s possible it had scanned Shepard’s memory (sort of like the Protheans apparently did) and assumed a form that Shepard would be comfortable with… but notice that once again, Shepard doesn’t remark on this or even seem to notice it.  This is, again, a pretty standard indication of a dream state — things are seriously wrong or coincidental and the dreamer just accepts it.

6) Pointing to indoctrination theory – note the “blue” ending is pretty clearly renegade and the “red” ending is closer to paragon (if you discount the matter of the Geth, anyway).  Points toward Reaper indoctrination of Shepard…. or Bioware indoctrination of their fans… :p

7) Last of all – The “red” ending, as far as I know, is the only one in which you get the cutscene afterward where Shepard takes a breath.  Because he’s lying in the rubble of London after the beam hit, and choosing to destroy the Reapers means that his will is intact.  


My theory is that there’s going to be a DLC… quite possibly a free one, if you have a registered game key, or paid (probably 15 to 20 dollars) if you don’t… that has the post dream sequence ending (which is to say, the real one).


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