Go To Sleep (Spintunes 4 Round 3)

Once, some time ago, a friend of mine that I was very close to had to move away.  They knew it was happening a month or so before and only brought it up because I noticed they were… you know this pronoun game is sort of goofy. She. It was a girl.  This is another song about a girl.

Anyway SHE didn’t really talk much about it (even when I brought it up) and I wondered, briefly (and quite idiotically) if we were not as close as I thought we where.  In one of those “duh Travis”, wildly obvious sort of situations, it was actually because she was upset too, but getting upset about it wasn’t going to help either of us.

Anyway, I hopped in a time machine and had Confused and Slightly Angry Travis write this song to that one of those very special “head up my own orifice” feelings that we all experience from time to time.  Then I punched him in the face.

(NOTE: This was written for a challenge where every word has to start with one of seven letters.  The letters I chose were G, A, E, S, T, F, Y.  If anybody spots any words that fail that criteria below, I am much, much obliged if you would let me know.)


Go to sleep
And forget this town
Everything so silent
Another skin to shed

All you ever seem to see:
Tomorrow and anything
Further ahead

Superfluous feelings fail
Another ship gently setting sail

Go to sleep
And gather all your sighs
You’re trying to forget
To sever all the ties

Eloquent and fearless things to say
Are sirens fading futher away

All these all-encompassing
Things are all so frightening
Good enough to say you found
Frail things suitably enlightening
Still there’s something at your feet
That you feel slowly tightening..

Go to sleep and forget
eliminate, tie and arrest

Go to sleep
And forget this town
Everything suggests
You’re already asleep


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