First Blood (non-optional challenge: “educational”)

distal, proximal, metacarpal
sesamoid, phalanx and bone
just the pieces of your fingers
that guide your hands when they’re told
i might feel a little stiffness
when i get cold, or because I’m old
i don’t know

jupiter, saturn, apollo, mercury
different names, if less scientific
why do we call things we use for touch
after men who don’t exist
and all of the planets too
sometimes it’s tempting to insist
that we don’t know

so many things I fed young minds
but I never got out to see
like the square root of negative one
theoretically real, practically imaginary
to learn something of value
a fine-tuned mind is not enough

because first you’re going to need
some blood

there was a time that I believed
there was much I could teach a class
but like any entity at war
sometimes my reach exceeds my grasp
just like the speed of light
some barriers can not be passed

the world might yet have use of me
but young blood’s not what it used to be
like odin strapped up to his tree
to loose some sight to better see
if it’s the truth you truly seek
you won’t just sweat, you’ll have to bleed

[final verse]
so listen close if you think it’ll get you somewhere
i used to be so sure now I don’t dare
gathering facts is easy
it’s believing that is tough

because first you’re going to need
some blood

yeah, you’d better believe
you’ll need some blood


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  1. Heather on

    ooh. I feel a little creeped out. But I think that might be sorta the point? Or at the very least, that it’s not an inappropriate possible response. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear it!

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