First World Problems (Perspective)

“….the most hilarious/depressing/personal/pathetic/triumphant song I have ever written.”


So 27 years
I guess it could be worse
Never married yet
But I could be twice divorced

Paying alimony
To some bitch who bleeds me dry
Wondering how we’ll raise our kids
When we can’t control our own lives….

It could be worse…

Yeah, I’ve got problems
Problems other people would kill for
Somehow that doesn’t solve a thing
All these problems…
Just the prices that we pay in the first world
So I should stop complaining, but…

My bank account is dwindling, my
Apartment’s not the best place I’ve lived
But the homeless I pass in my car
They put things in perspective, I’ve got…

Central air and video games
And drugs if the doc thinks I’m slightly insane
A job of fake smiles, but at least they’re smiling
A bunch of guitars and aluminum siding

Yeah, I know…

We’ve all got problems, and most are
Problems other people would kill for
And it’s all we’re ever noticing
All these problems
Problems other people would kill for
Let them take over everything…

No one calls me famous
Hell, not many know my name
But it sure beats being in rehab
Overdosed on early fame

A great meal for the tabloids
Judges slapping at my wrists
Poster child for a million teens
Who don’t really think I exist

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
Everyone will need to forgive me
But do we ever stop merely surviving
And actually start living…

Start living.

I’ve got problems
Problems other people would kill for
And nobody’s gonna solve them for me
All these problems
Make it easy for bigger ones to be ignored
And we never solve a goddamn thing

Start living…
Or start dying…
Start quitting…
Or start trying.


3 comments so far

  1. Heather on

    Nice stuff Travis! Looking forward to hearing the music too!

    Also I thought this was funny at the bottom of your post:

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  2. Denise Hudson on

    I like the outro verse especially. Instinct tells me perhaps this is not the sort of thing I should *say* yeah, man.. I completely understand to.. but I relate in my way, so much so that I have my sets of lyrics I have continued to shake my head at in disgust.

    This is courageous and saying it is needful. Thanks Muchly 🙂

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