Unnecessarily Explaining My Art: Eleyna Dreams

So it was pointed out it might be helpful to some people if I explained “my process” in relation to the somewhat esoteric lyrics of “Eleyna Dreams”.

If you read the lyrics (which are in the blog entry just before this one) you’ll see that Eleyna appears to be obsessed with all the various ways that the world might come to an end in the next 10 minutes or so. Well done, you are correct, that is exactly what’s going on. 🙂

The lyrics were basically inspired by the short but spirited Doomsday Cult movement that grew up out of the internet after some fear-mongering attention seeker published an article about how a giant methane bubble in the Gulf of Mexico (brought on as a consequence of Deepwater Horizon) is going to blow up and level Mexico and the southern United States.

I’m not going to say there isn’t -some- scientific basis to the article because, for one thing, I’m not a scientist so how would I know? The closer something sounds to the plot of a Michael Bay movie though, the more I tend to think it unlikely to actually occur in the universe of probabilities that we live in. The reason it really ticked me off (other than the fact you could easily find a half dozen articles debunking the whole thing and most people, for some reason, hadn’t bothered, after a favorite celebrity tweeted the link to the article) is that the person writing the article, to my eye, was writing it to scare people. Not to inform, but to frighten. I hate it when anybody does that, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Pastafarian, scientist, veterinarian… whatever. And I wondered… what would happen if somebody decided to believe all this crap at face value?

If you count the references in the lyrics Eleyna appears to be afraid of any or all of the following (some of which are inferred): earthquakes, tidal waves (one of the theoretical consequences of the methane bubble), invasion/nuclear launch by foreign power, meteor strike, Biblical-level flooding, the sun flaring and burning out, etc. And not just in the “oh, yeah, it would suck if that happened” way, but in the sense that she thinks it might actually be happening before dinner time.

As you can imagine, this leads to being paralyzed with fear, medication, and driving around in the middle of the night for no other reason than, hey, why not, we’ll all be dead before tomorrow.

I haven’t really decided exactly whose POV the song is coming from because it doesn’t really matter. It could be a parent, boyfriend (although I don’t think Eleyna could keep one of those), sibling, or just a close friend. The idea is that they would do anything, anything at all to get her back on planet Earth but they don’t see any way to discredit all these possible ways the world might be ending in her head.

I think the song works well enough at this face value but it also works on the level of a metaphor. Probably everybody knows or has known some person who is so tied up in worry at essentially mundane, shortsighted things (“why won’t that girl from work talk to me?”, “why does my teenager act like a teenager?”, “oh dear sweet Lord it’s been three thousand TEN miles since I changed my oil”, “but what will happen to Popular Local Sports Team now that our star player has been traded to Comically Evil Rival Team?”) that they forget to actually (for want of a better term) live their life. At extremes, they may not end up much different than Eleyna, but at best they’ll start damaging themselves or the relations with people that they live with TODAY at the expense of TOMORROW.

So there it is, Song Biography #1. I hope that the song didn’t actually need it to be enjoyed, but if you had questions or concerns I hope they have been answered to your satisfaction. 🙂




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  1. Heather on

    That’s cool to hear your bio of it! I admit I somehow thought she was having premonitory dreams of end of the world scenarios, but maybe that was partially colored by the whole superhero theme from last time, haha.

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