A Beautiful Dream (or: You’ve Got to Start Somewhere)

[16:45] tenguitarz: I saw you guys playing TF2 last night but decided to go to bed in the name of Correct Sleep Schedules
[16:45] tenguitarz: then I slept till 11 anyway
[16:45] tenguitarz: *win*
[16:46] The Ktulus Call: go you!
[16:47] tenguitarz: did you join voice chat yet?
[16:48] The Ktulus Call: not yet
[16:49] tenguitarz: aww
[16:49] tenguitarz: I think it’ll work, you’re always in the top five or so if you started at the beginning of the round
[16:50] tenguitarz: and they’ll be all like “lol girls”
[16:50] tenguitarz: and you can be all like “scoreboard beyotch”
[16:50] tenguitarz: and they’ll be like “…”
[16:50] tenguitarz: and I’ll be like “pwnt”
[16:50] tenguitarz: It’ll be great
[16:51] tenguitarz: I’ll blog about it
[16:54] The Ktulus Call: rofl
[16:54] The Ktulus Call: awesome

….and there you have it.  I signed up for this blog just lightly less than a year ago and didn’t post anything, but now I march forth with purpose: make Shell get on Team Fortress 2 voice chat and tell people that she doesn’t give a good *RADIOEDIT* if she isn’t playing her class right.

Also, I like pizza.


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